KitchenShare Fee Schedule*

As of July 1, 2017

Kitchen hourly rates begin at $14/hr. Hourly prices reduce incrementally as more hours are used. Kitchen hourly rates for one-time or limited use clients are $25/hr.

Application Fee                                           $250.00^

Deposit, One-Time or Limited Use Users   $250.00

Deposit, Recurring Users                             $500.00

  • Storage, Dry (per 24" x 60" rack with 4 shelves)                                        $52.50/mo
  • Storage, Dry (per rolling storage box)                                                        $32.00/mo
  • Storage, Dry (pallet, temporary only)                                                         $40.00/mo
  • Storage, Cooler (per 18" x 60" shelf)                                                           $26.25/mo
  • Storage, Cooler (per 18" x 48" shelf)                                                           $21.00/mo
  • Storage, Freezer (per 6' shelf)                                                                       $55.00/mo
  • Trash/Recycling                                                    Included with Kitchen Hourly Rate

All space must be rented. Common area cannot be used for client storage.


Food Trucks/Trailers/Carts

  • Parking KS Client                                                                                          $40.00/mo
  • Parking Non-KS Client                                                                                 $75.00/mo
  • Food Truck Electricity                                                       (Determined based on use)
  • Food Truck Dump/Water Station Use                             (Determined based on use)
  • Ice                                                                                         (Determined based on use)


^ - A $250 application fee will be required at the time the client submits a completed application. The fee will be applied towards the client's first kitchen and storage billing. This fee does not apply to one-time or limited use clients.

*subject to change