"KitchenShare gives anyone the tools to chase their culinary dream, without building their own commercial kitchen."        
Jay Burton, General Manager, KitchenShare

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Welcome to One World KitchenShare program, a 24/7 rental kitchen designed to offer new and experienced food businesses a commercial kitchen without the cost and effort of creating your own. Our mission is to provide the tools you need to create a successful food business.

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KitchenShare made it possible for me to have a business.
— Joni McGary, LuckyGuy Bakery
This place has broadened my horizons and learning experiences, plus I get to work with like-minds.
— Kayla Cornwell, UGo Bars Employee
This is a food studio — a place to do my own thing or a place to collaborate.
— KitchenShare Client
This place has everything I need for my business to be a success.
— KitchenShare Client


“There’s a new business model in place right now that people can’t even see yet,” says Jeff Mease, co-founder and owner of One World Enterprises and its commissary kitchen, which houses a collaborative program called KitchenShare. By allowing startup businesses to use One World’s commissary, Mease helps entrepreneurs explore their ideas and passions, which they hope will lead to opening their own storefronts.



About Us

One World Enterprises started as a pizza shop,
(Pizza X) then added a restaurant (Lennie's) and later a brewery (Bloomington Brewing Co.). Then expanded to include One World Catering and a commissary that provides prep space for the One World Enterprises, as well as people who have startup businesses that needed a certified commercial kitchen.